Tom Foley

Services:  Psychic Medium, Psychometry and Tarot

Bio: Tom Foley is a Psychic Medium. He works with the subtle energies employing Psychometry and Tarot to gain insight from the universe to aid clients through life’s maze. Pyschometry links the Astral realm to the Material World, it is done by holding a physical object with your energy it and making the connection. The physical object can be jewelry, keys, photos, etc. the things we carry with us and the things we hold dear. 

As a youngster he had some prophetic dreams that were quite accurate and other psychic hits. Later in life the Psychic hits started to return and just prior to meeting his wife Nancy they were getting more and more frequent.

He and his wife Nancy came together in 2000 via a mutual friend working in a New Age shop. Nancy was already known as Cienna Moon and was established in the Psychic field so when she introduced Tarot to Tom there was an instant connection.  At Nancy’s urging  they took some mediumship classes with a well known Medium and uncovered Tom’s mediumistic abilities.  For the last 13 years he has been reading at fairs and occasionally at New Age shops.

Tom also is a fine furniture maker specializing in 18 century reproduction/representation pieces that easily live alongside the real thing. Designing and building, using the old methods of joinery, carving, inlay and surfacing wood until it’s reached a state worthy of the wood itself. There is something about working in wood and the psychic realm that well, I just can’t imagine doing anything else.