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Andrea Michelle’s Testimonials

Wow! Andrea Michelle was right on! It was so comfortable getting a reading from her. I would recommend her to a friend….

Angela’s Testimonials

I’ve been searching for a good quality Bancroft Massage for a few years now, since my former therapist is no longer doing this work.  Angela showed great skill and confidence with only having graduated recently. Communication was very clear. I was not disappointed at all with my session. I will definitely see her again for […]

Carol Lee’s Testimonials

  “I am so happy that Carol the reader is working for you now. She is excellent. I have been going to see Carol for years and I think she is one of the most accurate readers I have ever been to. You will be very happy with her.”……………Susan

DJ’s Testimonials

“Amazing. I had tears in my eyes. Donna read me like a book.  Thank you.”

Emma’s Testimonials

HOLY COW!! Emma, where have you been all of my life? LOL. If you’re looking for a mind blowing, jaw-dropping kind of reading then look no further. In February, something you predicted (that I didn’t believe) came true. In that same reading you predicted something else that I politely said, “ok” & kept the conversation […]

Jen’s testimonials

I’ve had many massages over the years and Jen is the best massage therapist I’ve had! She listens! She takes her cue from you. I always feel comfortable, cared for, safe and relaxed on her table. …….Lori

Joanne’s Testimonials

“JoAnne, thank you so much for my Reiki treatment and the powerful messages from my Angels, Husband, and Grandfather. You are so awesome and are so awesome at what you do! I am still blown away! It was an extremely healing session for me both physically and emotionally. I thank you from the bottom of […]

Lisa’s Testimonials

I really liked Lisa right from the start. Her fun loving/sweet attitude instantly puts you at ease, her approach is very professional, and she is very well learned in her approach to Reiki. I wasn’t sure what to expect with my session with Lisa, but she helped me tremendously with some self care issues I was having. At the very […]

Lynne-Marie’s Testimonials

Spirit Medium Lynne-Marie presents Reconnections; Mediumship Messages at Upliftings and at other venues near you. Check our Events Page for scheduling, or go to for locations and tickets outside Uplifting Connections. Maureen Hancock states: “I am extremely picky about the mediums I recommend. I find Lynne-Marie to be very accurate and straight-forward in her mediumship […]