Psychic Fair

Uplifting Connections’ Monthly Psychic Fair

Saturday February 11, 2017 

9:35AM – 5:15PM


Sunday February 12, 2017

9:00AM- 12:15PM

Call to Register: 508.697.2334

Most readings: $25 for 20 minutes; $50 for 40 minutes.
Registration begins the Friday before at noon.

Offerings and readers vary by month.

Customers love our psychic fairs! Psychic readings at Uplifting Connections are provided by some of the most talented readers in this area and are offered in a safe and nurturing environment. These readings are for the enlightenment, healing and inspiration of our customers.  Some customers come every month and try different readers, some come once a quarter and see several readers while they are here (and find many parallels in the messages from different readers!).  We love hearing the feedback about how touched, impressed, and uplifted people are by the messages they receive. Join us for an incredibly healing opportunity.

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Registration begins Friday February 10th at Noon!

We begin taking early reservations at noon on 2/10/17 for the 2 days of amazing readers. Walk-ins are welcome but reserving ensures you get your spot! This month we are offering all readings for the amazing price of $25 for 20 minutes and $50 for 45 minutes with no exception! Have your form of payment ready as you must prepay to reserve your appointments. To read more about each reader and what they do be sure to scroll down! We brought them all to UC, try one or try many, they are here to serve.

Kristi Johnston

Offering intuitive energy card readings. Kristi is an medium and artist who has channeled her own beautiful amazing deck! She uses this deck along with her intuition, psychic ability and mediumship to provide heartfelt messages, guidance and empowerment just for you!

Andrea Kukulka

Offering Tarot, Intuitive Energy card, Angel Cards and Mediumship readings. Often called the “healing medium” use the modality which best serves you and often uses a blend of decks with her intuition and psychic abilities for exactly what you need right now to heal and grow on many levels!

Lynne- Marie

Offering Tarot Card Readings and Mediumship. Lynne-Marie provides spot-on messages from your loved ones in spirit. She is extremely experienced with Tarot. Her style is direct and to the point. She uses her intuition and psychic abilities to interpret the cards and messages with extreme accuracy.


Offering Psychic Tarot, Mediumship, Palmistry, Past Life readings, and Astrology. Carol has been offering readings for many years and is extremely skilled in her craft. Direct in her approach, she can touch upon any aspect of your life through the cards, using her intuition, or asking spirit. Try one of her other offerings such as astrology or past life readings!

Offering Psychic Tarot, Mediumship, and Angel Card Readings, many are impressed with Terri and come back to see her often. Terri is extremely efficient and can cover many aspects of your life in a short reading. She uses her intuition and psychic abilities to provide messages and words of guidance, healing, and empowerment.
Offering Psychic Tarot, Mediumships, and Angel Cards readings. DJ primarily relies on the messages she gets from the Angels and your loved ones in spirit. In her card readings, DJ uses her intuition and psychic abilities along with the words from spirit to give you exactly what you need to get the healing messages your looking for.
Kristen Stone

Offering Intuitive tarot and Mediumship. Using her psychic intuition, the cards, and what she gets from spirit, Kristen provides a detailed reading of things going on right now in your life and helps guide you toward personal growth and empowerment. Kristen is up-beat and supportive and loves when customers come back with positive feedback that their life has moved through the challenges they have worked through from her reading.

Dawn Lorraine

Offering Mediumship, Intuitive Tarot, Crystal, and Flower Card readings.Dawn connects with loved ones and guides in spirit to support the different things going on in your life.  She uses her intuition to choose the cards you may need for whichever particular situation you are going through. She uses and psychic abilities in her card readings to guide, support, and empower you on your journey.

Lisa Pomar

Offering Mediumship, Akashic Records, Angel Card, Reiki/IET healings, and Cord Cutting. Lisa is intuitive and often reads her clients accross a Reiki table. This has great significance as she first began getting messages while performing Reiki with her clients by allowing them to be channelled in when doing her healings.  Since then, she has studied other modalities of healing and readings to provide a well rounded reading for deep healing of your heart and soul.


Offering Intuitive tarot.  Andrea uses her intuition, psychic abilities, interpretation of the cards, and messages from your loved ones to create an extraordinary reading experience. Andrea is all about the work and it shows. Claimed by many to be extremely accurate, Andrea has a great way of delivering the messages you need for personal growth and guidance through uncertain issues.

Liam Galvin

Offering Card Readings and Mediumship. Liam is a spiritual healer that uses his intuition, psychic ability, your aura, communication with his and your guides, as well as communication with loved ones in spirit to create a wonderful reading experience. Liam’s gentle approach will help to heal the soul at many levels. We are happy to welcome Liam back to our fair and to UC for mediumship demonstrations.

Lisa Ashton RN

Offering Mediumship, Empathic Angel Card Readings, Ursui Reiki, Archangel Michael Cord Cutting, Guardian Angel Connections, and often blends these modalities in her readings. She uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients, brings through their loved ones for clear messages, and encourages them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead in any aspect of their lives.

Daniele Hughes

Offering intuitive Tarot. Daniele uses the cards, her intuition, her psychic ability, and messages she may receive from spirit, to provide a well rounded reading directed toward what is currently going on in your life for guidance, confirmation, and empowerment. Daniele at a young age acknowledged her natural abilities, embraced them, and uses them to help others with friendly insight and guidance.

Mary Rangel

Offering Intuitive Angel Card Readings. Mary “Angel with an R” uses many angel card decks to guide her readings based on what she is getting. She uses her intuition, her psychic abilities, and mediumship to provide heart felt messages of confirmation, healing and empowerment. Mary is also a Reiki Master/Empath who loves to help people in many different ways in and outside the spiritual domain.

Kathy Medeiros

Offering Angel Card Readings and Mediumship. Don’t get nervous when you see Kathy use the whole deck during your reading. In fact, she may go through the deck many times!  It’s just how she does it. She uses her psychic intuition and messages from your loved ones to “see” which cards are important you as she lets the cards tell the story.  A truly unique way of reading, Kathy delivers the message in a direct yet kind manner your sure to enjoy.

Jessica D’Angio

Offering Astrology Readings. Though she is skilled in other reading types, she is focusing on Astrology for our fair. Be ready with your birthdate and time as well as birthplace and Jessica can focus on any Astrological aspect of your life. Find out why the things that are happening to you now are happening and find out Astrologically which phase you are heading in so you can be ready.  She uses her psychic intuition to provide an accurate astrological readings sure to amaze.


All Psychic Fair customers will be given exclusive coupons to be used this weekend for many products, cafe items, events, and so much more! Be part of our fair and save!