Amy Mullett

2016-04-27 22.08.37Services:   Offering Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Soft Touch Nerve Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Chair Massage, Hot Stone massage, 30min Body Zone, Reiki sessions, Reiki infused Massage, Chakra Balancing, Couples Massage Aromatherapy Massage with essential oils, and all natural Body Polish.  Amy also teaches Reiki of all levels.

Bio:  Amy comes to us from the sunny state of Florida having spent the last 17 yrs  there learning, studying, and cultivating her love of the Healing arts. She has a very sweet and sunny disposition. Since her childhood having grown up in Indiana, Amy realized at a young age she had the gift of being both an empath (Clair sentient) and having psychic abilities and would eventually come to find she was also a healer.  These gifts were further explored and refined in her late 20’s to the present and ongoing.

Later in 2010 while living in Florida she would further extend her studies into Massage Therapy attending Florida Career College graduating top of her class with honors and a 4.0 GPA.  Upon graduating she opened her own Mobile Massage business employing 6 therapist and herself from there she went on to open her own 8 room spa providing Massage, Skin care, and Acupuncture among other things, but always there was a call from the other side. So, in 2014 she attended classes at the Divine Love Institute where she studied and became a Reiki Master/Teacher. Feeling she had finally found the direction of her life’s path Amy has gone on to further her studies and practice including Acupressure, Qigong movement and deep breathing, certified personal trainer, Lypossage, Qigong Nutrition, Angel card readings , all types of meditation and currently taking classes in Mediumship . Amy is ever studying and expanding her skills and knowledge in all the healing arts fields as it is her life’s passion to help others find their inner Peace, Relaxation, and Joy.

Andrea Michelle


Services: Psychic Tarot Readings

Bio:  Andrea has been reading the Tarot from the age of ten. Having had experiences from even earlier, her senses run high in sound (clairauditory), premonitions (clairvoyant), and scent (clairscentient). Described by clients as “very factual”; her job history has been quite literally from “hands on” experience. “No matter what job I’ve carried the ‘antenna’ has always been on”, says Andrea. Whether in private or group settings readings are for her a “language”.

What can a reading do?
Readings are an individual experience that can help in anything from relationship issues, stress levels, to closure with passed loved ones. Although every reading is different, it is not uncommon for information from loved ones who have passed over to come through . The experience of a reading can help people cope, get answers to tough questions and gain a higher level of understanding of themselves. It helps them in dealing with a chaotic world. What I frequently hear from clients is that they are able to take a deep breath and say they “plain old” feel better.

Andrea’s Testimonials

Wow! Andrea Michelle was right on! It was so comfortable getting a reading from her. I would recommend her to a friend….

Andrea Kukulka

Andrea Kukulka, Healing MediumAndrea

Bio: Andrea began her healing journey with Usui Reiki in mid 90’s. By the start of 2015 she had three Reiki Master Teacher certificates hanging on her wall: Usui Reiki, Shamballa Reiki (now known as New Paradigm) and most recently Holy Fire Reiki. Holy Fire is the Reiki that she uses now. She also enjoys teaching Holy Fire at in her own space: Center for Holistic Healing & Art in Mansfield MA. She says that Holy Fire is the most powerful and yet the most gentle form of Reiki that she’s known, and this is why it is always at the tip of her fingers.

In March of 2015 she, Amy Antonellis and Kristi Johnston were the original receivers of Light Connection. Light Connection is a healing modality that comes to the practitioner not through the practitioner. It comes to the client clear and pure. As a Light Connection practitioner, her role is to hold on to this magnified energy and clear the way for it to do the work that is intended for you! Light Connection is her go-to healing modality. It is the energy that she is most passionate about.

Of all her talents, she finds her healing work to be the most rewarding. She is at your service.

Angela DeFazio

Services:  Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage 

Bio: Angela is a recent graduate of Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester. After deciding 15 months ago that it was time to make a career change, she embarked on a new path leading to avenues where she can help people in ways which were not possible before. She loves to work with her hands and has always expressed herself through them as an artist and musician. Now those hands can express themselves through a new medium; massage which is an art form in itself.

In only a short time, Angela has worked with some extraordinary people coming from all walks of life. Spending over 100 internship/volunteer hours in all types of settings including UMass Cancer Walks, Vets Inc., Sherry’s House, part of the Why My organization and Bancroft’s in-house Student Clinic. Angela has worked on dozens of clients from age 8-96 with all types of pathologies and conditions: cancer, MS, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome, migraines and sciatica to name a few. From administering vigorous pre-event treatments to athletes to simple heart-felt hand massages to our senior community, Angela adapts and listens to who her client is and what they need. Her instructors and clients comment consistently on her intuition, laid-back and calming vibe that puts people at ease and quick wit, light-hearted sense of humor. She’s always trying to get that smile out of you, and she will!

Angela is eager to learn and wants to keep adding to her “arsenal of wellness”. With Swedish and deep-tissue massage under her belt, she plans to get certified in hot-stone massage in April, obtain certification in geriatric massage and wants to learn Myofascial release techniques in the coming year as well.

Angela’s Testimonials

I’ve been searching for a good quality Bancroft Massage for a few years now, since my former therapist is no longer doing this work.  Angela showed great skill and confidence with only having graduated recently. Communication was very clear. I was not disappointed at all with my session. I will definitely see her again for another session!  Thank you……..Rebecca M.

I was one of the first to receive a one hour massage with Angela since she started at Uplifting and I can say I will be back for more. During the massage she made me aware of each part of my body separately so I could enjoy the relaxation she brought to it. When it was over the first thing I said was “Wow that felt like longer than an hour”. She will be an asset to Uplifting and anyone who receives her massage….Cindy H.

Angela was thorough and knowledgeable but, more important, I could actually feel the energy from her hands entering my body.  I felt energized and restored by the time she had finished.  There are probably more than a few people who have the physical skills to perform massage therapy.  I can say from experience that Angela has the mental and intuitive skill to give the client what he/she needs.  I would say she has the temperament and the “soul” to relax, energize and even help heal her clients……….Christine L.

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Carol Lee

 Services: Tarot Readings, Psychometry, Astrology, Palmistry, Past Life Readings, Mediumship

Bio: Since I was a little girl I knew things. I felt connected to spirit and universe. I didn’t know how to identify with what was going on until later years. I thought everyone intuited and knew these things. I was always exploring and delving into new knowledge and new experiences on my life’s journey.

 I have worked professionally in the psychic field since 1985. My experience has included tarot card readings, readings using playing cards, palm readings, past-life readings, psychometry, mediumship, and astrology. I strive for both an accurate and compassionate reading and to leave you with hope and an uplifting feeling.

I am a certified Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher. I have facilitated workshops with a team in the late 70’s and early 80’s of a spiritual nature. I have taught tarot card classes. My aim is to help and inspire people with their choices and life’s path.

Carol’s Testimonials

  “I am so happy that Carol the reader is working for you now. She is excellent. I have been going to see Carol for years and I think she is one of the most accurate readers I have ever been to. You will be very happy with her.”……………Susan

Cathy Corcoran

Cathy CorcoranWebsite:

Services:  Angel Therapy Readings, Soul Sketching & Auragraph Sittings, Infinite Light Healing

Bio:  Cathy Corcoran is the creator of Angel Spheres, Infinite Light Healing, and Soul Sketching, a holistic healing center in Wrentham, MA. Through the merging of mind-body-spirit healing, intuitive development, and creative expression, Cathy’s work centers on connecting with the Light and the joy that resides within all of us in order to live to our fullest potential and highest enlightenment.

Cathy’s training also includes coursework in Psychic Development, Crystal Healing and Channeling. Prior to AngelSpheres Cathy wore numerous vocational “hats” that include surviving the corporate jungle, landscape drafting/surveying and operating a quilt design studio. She holds a BA/Theatre and Communications as well as completing coursework at the Boston Architectural Center.

Cathy’s Testimonials

“I had an amazing reading and Soul Sketch with Cathy. I have been getting all kinds of confirmations from my angels. What a treat that was. I love you Uplifting and all the amazing people who bring their gifts to share! Everyone should have a reading with Cathy!!! Thank you”…………..JoAnne

A session with Cathy is like coming home. She creates a warm, caring atmosphere that makes you feel completely relaxed, welcomed and safe. She has a unique ability to help a person come to their own understanding of what they need to move forward to find the joy and peace they are looking for. Through her healing sessions and angelic consultations she is able to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you most want to be in your life. Cathy not only helps you understand what is holding you back but also provides you with thoughtful insights and inspired suggestions to help you begin or continue on your life journey. The power of her energy combined with her gentle, graceful presence makes you feel as if you have connected with a force that has the potential to change your life for good.”…….Kathleen, Program Administer and Teacher.

“Cathy’s readings are very enlightening and informative. Her intuitive nature coupled with her connection to the Angelic Realm is nothing short of incredible. I am very fortunate to be able to have experienced these readings for they have given me guided direction when needed in life, love and my own spiritual aspirations. Thank you, Cathy, once again, and blessings.”   Linda, Professor and Energy Healer, Spring 2009

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Clara Diaz

What does happiness mean to you? It could mean that next promotion or raise, improving your relationship with money, attracting your soulmate, or going back to school. There is a way to get what you want and live life on purpose. We will empower you to increase your confidence and income by helping you discover your life purpose and develop a positive mindset so you can achieve greatness! It didn’t take long to realize that I was passionate about working with women – not just any type of woman, but those that want to get ahead in life – women who have the desire to serve from the heart with faith, while being compensated to be confident in their true self. “Our ability to love ourselves and the world is endless and powerful. “ Participating in a ClaraFyingTM session means discovering what gets in the way of your truth, setting clear intentions based on your existing strengths, and creating your intentional action plan to live your life of purpose. You’ll become the best version of yourself and create the best year of your life. My journey began growing up in the Dominican Republic until the age of 10. Experiencing entrepreneurship at a young age, both my grandfathers were business owners who taught me it’s okay to take risks, to be confident in myself, and the love for family is the greatest motivating force. Working with and partnering with the Hispanic … [Read More...]

Debbie McBride

Services:  Akaschic Record Readings
A Records reading will allow you to experience yourself at the perfection of your soul, see the possibilities of your life and make choices to live your life to its’ fullest potential. Some ways in which an Akashic Records consultation can help you: · Discover your life purpose – Explore past lives – Understand the possibilities for your life, your family and business · Explore, understand and improve relationships with family, friends and even pets – why have you come together, your purpose, and more · Seek guidance on decisions and challenges– big and small · Gain awareness and insight and transform life struggles and patterns in your life · Discover new approaches to challenges within your life 

Bio: I currently reside in Centerville, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, and I am a lifelong intuitive and medium. I discovered my gifts of trance while participating in a  spirit communication class with Rita Berkowitz. I was then guided to go to the Arthur Findlay College in England, to learn and unfold my gifts of  Mediumship,Trance communication and Trance healing. I have most recently completed the College’s Trance Healing coursework with Steven Upton and  Judith Seaman.

 I am an Angel Card Practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher, and have been certified as an Akashic Records Practitioner/Teacher. I am currently working in  partnership at a new facility in Hyannis called the Creative Energy Center, located at 38Rear Pearl Street, Hyannis, MA.  I will demonstrate this by allowing Spirit to merge and blend so that they may bring messages of guidance, healing and wisdom. Every session is unique and  guided by Spirit. Spirit may choose to address the audience or allow for questions from some or all of the attendees. Sessions could last anywhere from 45 minutes – 1hour, followed by question and answer period for participants to address me. This is a rare opportunity to hear and talk directly to Spirit. It is a beautiful experience that exemplifies the benefits of working in partnership with Spirit.

DJ (Donna)

Services: Readings: A blend of Psychic, Tarot, and Angel; Mediumship

Bio: D.J. has been gifted by God and has been blessed in his favor to be touched by an angel, and to speak to them.  She has read tarot for over twenty years and she has been featured on Channel 7 News, in the Quincy Ledger, and on the Larry Glick Show.

DJ’s Testimonials

“Amazing. I had tears in my eyes. Donna read me like a book.  Thank you.”

“Great reading & medium…she was very nice and right on!”

“She was so accurate!  I didn’t have to say anything.  Her message was so promising.”

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Emma Phaneuf


Services: Readings: Psychic, Tarot, Runes, Mediumship, Palm Reading

Healings/Energy work: Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Crystal Healings, Light Ray Therapy, Meridian Therapy, Shinkinko

Bio: With over 34 years experience as a gifted healer, teacher, and psychic medium,  Emma Phaneuf has dedicated her life to the collective spiritual journey and growth of the planet.  Emma’s life-mission is to heal the world by addressing the suffering of this planet and to help its inhabitants make the vibrational shift upward that is happening now through 2012 to reclaim their birthright as pure spiritual beings. An Ascension teacher and practitioner, Emma has a special connection with Saint Germain and Lady Portia and credits them with guiding her in all aspects of her work.  Emma also practices Tibetan Buddhism and dedicates all of her work to the benefit of all sentient beings.

A renown intuitive advisor for the past 34 years, Emma is a gifted psychic, medium, and channel and has worked for the corporate sector with a highlight including helping an oil tycoon land a multi-million oil deal!  Tarot (and other cards), numerology, Runes, the I Ching, crystals, palmistry, scrying, and tea leaves are used to help people gain a better understanding of themselves and the world. People come to her for help with relationships, family problems, fertility advice, finding a job, investment strategy, and just about anything pertaining to the human condition!

CLICK HERE for Articles by Emma

Testimonials: Emma Phaneuf

HOLY COW!! Emma, where have you been all of my life? LOL. If you’re looking for a mind blowing, jaw-dropping kind of reading then look no further. In February, something you predicted (that I didn’t believe) came true. In that same reading you predicted something else that I politely said, “ok” & kept the conversation rolling…it made absolutely no sense at the time & now I’m wiping egg off of my face… all of the dominoes are lined up & the first is about to get knocked over. YOU ARE BRILLIANT, HONEST, COMPASSIONATE & OH-SO ACCURATE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

SUPERB ACCURACY, COMPASSION, WIT, WISDOM & INTEGRITY!!! Thanks again for another stellar reading. You definitely were in tune with the subject matters that I asked about. Thanks for caring enough to always tell me the truth & not what I want to hear. What blows me away are the microscopic details that you pick up on! You amaze me & crack me up all at the same time! LOL Thanks for all that you are & all that you do. xoxo

Jen Tavares

Services:   Swedish (Relaxation), Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Hot Stone Massage

Bio:  Jen is a 2002 graduate of the Polarity Realization Institute, where she studied the Holistic Massage Program. She now has over 12 years of experience as a Massage Therapist and is certified as a Professional member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).
Jen tailors each massage to the clients individual needs and focuses on their comfort and relaxation to help them heal.  Although she loves to practice all the aspects of Massage she offers, she feels her best is Swedish (Relaxation). 
Jen has begun with a Reiki I certification and hopes to one day continue to on to the more advanced levels and is also certified as a Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide.

Jewels Curreri

IMG_1744Services: Holistic Counseling, Mediumistic & Intuitive Counseling Combo, Trauma Therapies, Angelic Mala Therapy

Bio: Jewels brings many gifts to the table. Her passion for everything relating to or affecting the human spirit and soul is the foundation of her work. As a sensitive child, her resistance to this human experience set her on track to discover what it really meant to be a spiritual being having a human experience. For the last 25 years, she has had the honor of helping others discover the same for themselves. For her it’s all about relationships, connections and creating new pathways that transform life experiences for ones’ highest good and the good of all!

Empowerment Healing

This session is a blend of intuition, psychic insight and healing that is specific to identifying each individual’s limiting beliefs and road blocks that keep them from living their best life.  By connecting with the spirits beyond and within you, this session incorporates healing in an effort to break through and make conscious connections for empowerment. from this place, you are free to expand into endless possibilities and live the life of your dreams.

30 Minutes      $45             60 minutes         $85

Intuitive Yoga Therapy

Private sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs which may include yoga therapy and yoga instruction.

Yoga therapy blends supported yoga postures/stretches with dialogue exploring the connection between your mind and body which leads to awareness that gives you insight into your life.  You have all the information you need for transformation and healing within yourself.

Yoga instruction is a session customized to your needs.

60 minutes        $85

Holistic Counseling
Holistic Counseling is for anyone desiring to live and love more meaningfully, more
deliberately, more abundantly and more extraordinarily.
In this session you will:
-Identify destructive beliefs and agendas that form mental, physical, emotional and spiritual problems
-Redirect your problems by using your gifts, strengths and talents to live a more abundant, healthy and elegant future
-Exercise your capacity to create your own life

You will not be labeled with a diagnosis.

90 minute session $120

Beyond the Connection Session (Combo)
This unique session is a blend of Intuitive counseling, mediumship and psychic insight. I will connect you with the spirits beyond and within you to create a new pathway for soul growth that allows you to experience healing and expansion for endless possibilities within your life. This is the most requested session and offers the best of both worlds.

90 minute session $120

Transformational Living Sessions – Healing For Women
Living skillfully and making consistent positive choices can be difficult when dealing with past or present traumas, disconnection from body or emotions, or recovery situations. In this session you will:
-Gain skills and tools to better deal with your emotional and physical well being
-Regulate your coping responses to stress
-Move with simple yoga postures, relax with breath work and guided meditation
-Each session builds on the previous one giving you the opportunity to notice the effectiveness of these tools on the spot

90 minute introductory session, no commitment $120

90 minute sessions with a commitment of 16 weeks $90 per session

Angelic Mala Therapy – AMT
You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Because of this, you can sometimes feel like something is weighing you down and causing you to have a low vibration.
In this session you will:
-Identify the root cause of your heavy feelings and sensations
-Meet your higher self through meditation
-Learn techniques and tools to elevate your mood

90 minute session $120



Jewels is not only a facilitator of healing but is the codesigner of Corinna Jewels Angelic Designs. This includes Angelic Art, Meditation tools and Healing Angel Blankets. These designs can be purchased here at Uplifting Connections.

Jewels Curreri Certifications:
Certified Holistic Counselor
Certified Trauma Informed Mind Body Therapist
Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist PRYT
Certified Doreen Virtue® Angel Therapy Practitioner
Studied at Arthur Findlay College Stansted, England
Member of the American Society of Alternative Therapists

Jewels Testimonial

“I left this session literally feeling like a weight was lifted off of me. It’s comforting to know that I have the guidance of angels and my higher self. This session changed my energy and my outlook on life.”


“In these sessions, I truly learned what it meant to not abandon myself. To be able to not just deal but feel my emotions and sensations as a part of being human changed my response to stress. The tools and techniques are invaluable.”- Emily P.

“What I love about my sessions with Jewels is the support and guidance I get while I learn to become aware of my old stories and change my perspectives. I was able tochange my life in a profound way”. – Jeanne P.

Kristen Stone

Kristine StoneBio :  Kristen has been doing Tarot/Psychic readings and practicing Mediumship for over 10 years. As a child, she knew she was different but it wasn’t until she got into her teen years that she realized she was gifted, that is when she bought her first deck Tarot Legend: The Arthurian Age. Utilizing her channeling and empathy gifts she is able to bring forth her readings.  Her readings are intuitive. She doesn’t just use one form or another to do a reading .

 “what’s going to come through is what is needed at this point in time”

Kristen is a New Paradigm M.D.T whose certifications include Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki, IET Healing Technique. Also has trained in Sonic Sound Healing with the crystal bowls. She is passionate about what she does and understands the world around her. She works by helping people on a healing level so they can be empowered and be in control of their life.

Lisa Ashton

20160510_105835 (2)

Lisa L. Ashton RN, MSN


Services: Angel Card Readings, Mediumship, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient.
Compassionate counseling, Empath, and Intuitive Usui Reiki Master

BIO: Lisa is a third generation healer. She began noticing her gift of healing and intuitivenesswhen she was in her early teens. Her family members and friends would always ask her to ‘read what was happening in their life’. She has taken many courses to further develop this gift, including a degree in holistic counseling. She has been a registered nurse in psychiatry for over 25 years and has fully delved into the spiritual realm over the course of this time.She has felt divine intervention to share her gifts with others to help comfort, guide and supportthem during times of change or question in their lives. She is clairvoyant as she sees angel guides, spirit guides and guardian angels around clients, clairaudient as she is able to hear messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as from guardian angels, and she is clairsentient as she can hold an object of a passed loved one and ‘feel ‘ their emotions, how they passed, and the messages that they want passed on to their loved ones. Lisa often uses Angel cards as guidance when doing a full guardian angel reading to help validate what her client’s angel guides are saying.

During her intuitive reiki treatments, she gets guardian angel or family members of
her clients coming through and passing along information that they want their loved one to hear. Many of her clients say her reiki treatments leave them fully relaxed and stress free, and well as comforted by the messages received from their loved ones. Lisa also enjoys teaching ‘How toconnect with your angel guides’, ‘Beginner mediumship’, and ‘Abundance Manifestation’.

Combining her knowledge in both Western medicine and Eastern spirituality, Lisa can provide a well -rounded, comforting experience for her clients. She is a compassionate and loving reader, and is looking forward to meeting all of you.

Lisa Pomar

Bio: Lisa has over 10 years of experience working with the healing energies of Reiki. Lisa’s calm and loving presence will allow you to relax and receive a deep healing on many levels.

Lisa has a strong connection with the Angelic Realm; Lisa’s passion is to assist you in healing from the inside out.

Lisa has been trained as a Reiki Master/Teacher working with adults and children for over 10 years. Lisa’s training includes New Paradigm MDT healing, IET, Certified Angel Reader and Certified Akashic Record Reader.

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki Practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others. It is believed that a person’s “ki” or energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true a person’s body and mind is in a positive state of health. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance.

IET, Integrated Energy Therapy believes that each one of us has a precious purpose in life, our soul mission. This soul mission isn’t a chore. It isn’t that dreaded job that makes us nauseous when we get up in the morning. It’s that job that makes us smile. It’s that job that fills our hearts and minds and souls with joy. If you’re familiar with Reiki, IET is a similar work, in that it balances out our energy fields, yet IET is different in that it emphasizes that emotions are delicately entwined within our mental, physical, and spiritual layers of our energy field.

Angel reading is connecting to the angels to receive loving guidance and support.  During an angel reading, you may seek guidance in the areas of relationships, health, or career.  The angels are happy to provide direction and guide you to your path of healing, love and joy. During a reading, I am able to receive messages for you using my intuition, angelic channeling, and through the use of angel oracle cards. I will also share with you the ways your angels communicate with you on a regular basis that you may be unaware of.

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation (MDT) is a hands-on healing, like Reiki. It is the energy of unconditional love which flows through the practitioner to the client. It is said to be much stronger than Reiki and will release blockages and negative energy from our bodies that we no longer need on a mental, emotional and physical level.  Aside from the benefits of energizing the client, promoting the release of emotions such as grief, anger or anxiety, it can also accelerate wound healing and produce a feeling of mental clarity, calmness, well-being and spiritual connection. She welcomes you to come learn more about it in a session with her.

The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. The information is stored in the Akashic field. The Akashic Records. They also contain our collective wisdom.

Lisa wants the healing loving energies to touch all. May the rays of light shine bright for you today!


Lisa Pomar’s Testimonial

I really liked Lisa right from the start. Her fun loving/sweet attitude instantly puts you at ease, her approach is very professional, and she is very well learned in her approach to Reiki. I wasn’t sure what to expect with my session with Lisa, but she helped me tremendously with some self care issues I was having. At the very beginning I felt a deep sense of relaxation coming from her hands. Like a warm wave of energy flowing through her. I was having some pretty serious issues with my back and my ankle which she picked on right away. A day later I can say they feel much better than earlier. I left my session with Lisa feeling refreshed, Relaxed, and at peace. Book an appointment with her today!
Dennis L.

Lisa Brazil-Pomar is an amazing woman with a beautiful gift. I have truly been blessed to have met her through Story Time Reiki at Uplifting Connections. The setting is so peaceful and the meditations are geared towards children and still extremely appropriate for adults to connect with as well. The first time Lisa practiced reiki on me I felt an inner peace and calmness that is unexplainable through words. She is so down to earth that nothing ever felt uncomfortable and I felt safe to discuss any issues I was facing. Thank you Lisa from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with these experiences. Love, Kim xoxo

I thoroughly enjoyed my session of Reiki with Lisa.  Actually I thoroughly benefited from the Reiki. During the session I felt completely safe, relaxed and peaceful. It afforded me the opportunity to just “stop”.  The rest of the day I felt very grounded and calm all evening, like nothing was going to rattle me. I will be back for more of that wonderful feeling………..Cindy H

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Services: Tarot Card Readings, Mediumship
Tarot Card Readings offer you clarity and insights to help you make choices to create the life you want by consulting ancient symbolism cards for answers to past, present, and future questions. Mediumship brings you messages and validations from loved ones who have passed.

From a young age, Lynne-Marie experienced a sense of the world around her that labeled her as “sensitive”. She was able to see, hear, sense and receive messages from those who passed, as well as sense events that were to come.  After the unexpected death of her sister when she was nine years old, those abilities became enhanced.  As an adolescent, Lynne-Marie began studying and learning the Tarot and developed a skill and an affection for that particular modality, as well.
For many years, she shared these gifts at private functions, or within the boundaries of trusted family and friends, and continued her career in the legal field. Over time, it became more and more difficult to separate the two worlds, and she joined the team at Uplifting Connections, reading both at fairs and for individuals, becoming known for her accuracies and compassion in both spirit connection and card reading.
Making the decision to fully embrace her abilities and calling, she continues to read groups and individuals, and strives to bring you the highest and best of what both worlds have to offer.

Testimonials: Lynne-Marie

“Lynne- Marie was accurate! She starting picking up messages as soon as I sat down. She had much to say. I didn’t have to say much, she knew and said it all.”

“Lynne was amazingly accurate in reading me. Her messages made a lot of sense for me, and supporting information for those messages were spot on!”

Regina Sall

Services: Akashic Record Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Practice Presence Silent Meditation, Mediumship
Session Descriptions:

Power of Now Sessions—Practicing Presence
The moment you practice presence, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You begin to realize there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of intelligence. You begin to realize that love, creativity, inner peace arise from beyond the mind.  Power of Now sessions are opportunities to practice staying present in everyday life.

Intuitive Oracle Card and Tarot Consultation
When life seems to be full of doubt and uncertainty we tend to look for a source of inspiration: what will happen in the future? What about my health, the children? What will happen if I make this decision and not that one? This is how card readings are often used, to satisfy a longing to know about the past and future.  These consultations focuses instead on gaining an insight and understanding of the here and now.  The understanding should be clear- you only have one moment in your hands- the present moment.  How are you going to live it?

‘I am Ready’ Intuitive Session

Why is this session called ‘I am Ready’?   Because you have decided you ARE ready …to make changes and open to a different way of being. You already feel like something is missing, something does not feel right. You are ready for change. Card readings are often used to satisfy a longing to know about future; however, the energies of these consultations focus instead on gaining an insight and understanding of your life now.   The understanding should be clear- you only have one moment in your hands- the present moment.   How are you going to live it? Are you doing the same thing and expecting different results?   If you are ready for insight and guidance and prepared to take action to implement change, come on in.

As an Intuitive Medium, Regina provides an opportunity to receive messages and information from your departed loved ones and other persons you may have known who have passed. This is a healing opportunity that allows you to know your loved ones are always with you.

Akashic Record Consultation
When you seek the perspective of Akashic Records, they help you empower yourself to be who you need to be in the moment.  The Akashic Records contain the vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey.  They contain the records of all that was, is and possibilities of what could be.  Providing truth, information and support is the role of the Akashic Records.  The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Akashic Records give you power by helping you examine a situation, broaden your perspective and see what’s true. They will not tell you what to do. They leave the responsibility where it belongs–with you.

Regina Sall’s Testimonials

‘I am still blown away by all the information I received during my session with Regina on the show ‘Still Connected: Life After Life’. If there is anyone out there looking to connect to others on the other side then Regina is the person you want to go to. I’m very intuitive myself and she had visions that I also have had but I wasn’t sure what they meant. I can’t wait to watch the show. Thank you so much!!! ‘                Paula, Worcester, MA

‘I was a non-believer before I met Regina. She came to my TV show to do a mediumship reading for a guest, musician David Young. I was skeptical and thought she had very good imagination. So I invited Regina to my home to do a private reading for me to check her out. What she said was right on! There was absolutely NO way she would know any of the things, including what my mom looked and dressed like, her hair style, and my Chinese nickname that my mom used to call me. The one and half hour reading was a powerful healing session for me, and turned me into a believer! As a healer myself, I’ve worked with a lot of clients with their emotional, mental and physical health. Knowing that we are still connected with our passed loved ones offers comfort, happiness and hope to many people still living in this world, so that they can find closure, assurance or even forgiveness for them to move on with their life. Thank you for your wonderful gift Regina!’                       Helen, Westford, MA

”My session with Regina was more enlightening than I ever anticipated. Not one but four of my loved ones came forward. The most meaningful was the spirit of my husband. I often told people that I felt our marriage was in good place when he passed away. Regina relayed the message from him that ‘we were good’. That one statement was testament enough to me that this was the real deal. I left the session with a tremendous weight lifted from my heart knowing he had felt the same way I did. Thank you, Regina, for providing me with peace after 4 years.'”            Tina, Pittsfield, NH