In total, there are 141 ways in which meditation aids you in your journey! Check out this list!

Spiritually- meditation helps you to:
Achieve Inner Silence, Achieve Spiritual Awakening, Remote Viewing, Access The Quantum,
Higher Consciousness, Kundalini Rising, Awaken Intuition, Open Third Eye, Balance Chakras, Deepen Awareness, Connectedness, Increase Synchronicity, Compassion, Lucid Dreaming, Help Lightworkers, Be One With The Universe, Discover Your Life Purpose, Present Focus, Peace Of Mind, Gain Perspective

Mentally- meditation helps to:
Boost Brain Cell Production, Boost Learning Ability, Quiet Mind Chatter, Brain Power, Focus & Concentration, Access Deep Mind, Brain Balance, More Brain Integration, Beat Bipolar Disorder, Increase Pure Intelligence (IQ), Improve Memory, Mind-Body Connection, Einstein Brain, Higher Intelligence, Increase Motivation, Beat Addiction, Create Positive Mindset, Mind Healing, Optimism,
Mental Awareness, Mental Health, Overcome OCD, Quit Smoking, Better Sports Performance, Beat ADD & ADHD, Beat Eating Disorders, Better Listening, Better Perception, Slow Mind Aging, Better Judgment, Break Habits, Mental Balance, Willpower, Balanced Thought

Physically- meditation aids you to:
Master Stress, Get Great Sleep, Lose Weight, Slow Aging, Beat Addiction, Relieve Pain, Boost Endorphins, Build Bigger Brain, Boost Serotonin, Growth Hormone, Longevity, Faster Healing, Deep Relaxation, Boost GABA, Boost DHEA, Boost Melatonin, Whole Brain Synchronization, Less Cortisol, Stress Response, Need Less Sleep, Increase Libido,  Strengthen Immunity, Aid Digestion, Lower Blood
Pressure, Cure Headaches, Lower Cholesterol, Soothe Arthritis, Help Chronic Disease, Help PMS, Reduce Hypertension, Better Endocrine System, Alkaline PH Balance, Relaxed Nervous System, Less Muscle Tension, Help Senior Health, Waste Less Energy, Lower Respiratory Rate, Better Breathing, Better Circulation, Help Infertility, Fewer Free Radicals, Have Younger Skin

Emotionally- meditation helps you to:
Cure Anxiety, Beat Depression, have Stress Less, More Success, Mental Clarity, Emotional Intelligence, Overcome Shyness, Happiness, Cure Phobias, Help PTSD, Emotional Stability, have Better Relationships, Broadens Perspective, reduces or eliminates Panic Attacks, Tolerance, Productivity, Increase Affection, Grief, Beat Pettiness, Increase Consideration for others.

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