Uplifting Connections is happy to provide many resources that will inspire you to live a happier, more joy-filled life filled with meaningful connections to yourself (including your creativity), your angels and guides, your spirituality – and, of course, other like-minded people.

Living a More Joyful Life

Do you know what brings you joy?

Do you know what brings you joy?  Do you invite it into your life?  Sometimes all it takes is to focus on what brings you happiness – and a promise to yourself that you’ll do that thing at least 10 minutes a day (hopefully more!).  Pick up the book, A Juicy Joyful Life: Inspiration from Women Who Have Found the Sweetness in Every Day (co-authored by Uplifting Connections’ founder, Ellie Bassick-Trovato) to dig into stories that will uplift you with questions that will provoke you to find the ways to find the juiciness in your life.

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Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

What Are You Focusing On?

Ever since the explosive debut of The Secret (and, for many, way before that), people have been fascinated by the idea of the Law of Attraction and find themselves drawn to wanting to know more about how to use it. 

The idea is that we draw to us the things we focus on most, so why not choose our focus?  Stories of manifesting wonderful relationships, events, and more abound. 

We recommend any and all of Mike Dooley’s books (and, for a fantastic daily pick-me-up, sign up for his email Notes from the Universe at, as well as Esther and Jerry Hicks’ books, especially Ask and It Is Given.

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Connecting/Expressing with Your Creative Self


Many of us are so busy racing around to get our to-do list done that we’ve lost touch with the simple things that bring us joy.  Discovering and honoring your creative self is a sure-fire way to develop the joy muscle.  We have journals to help you tease out and listen to your inner voice, Soul-Booking once a month with Kathy MacDonald, and books on creativity such as Spiritual Doodles and Mental Leapfrogs and The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

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Connecting with Like-Minded People

The Joy of Connecting

One of the best ways to stay “in the zone” or “in flow” once you get there is to connect with like-minded people who share your beliefs and your positive outlook.  When you attend our events, you are surrounded by like-minded people!  When you peruse our shelves for the perfect gift, you’re bound to run into someone who has a similar outlook on life.  On Mondays we offer Return to Joy, a group led by Marcia Reddington-Lawton that focuses on empowering ways to handle life’s challenges. 

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