At Uplifting Connections we have a wide variety of books covering topics from crystals, angels and miracles to healing energies and discovering how to tap into your own intuition.

We have thousands of crystals of almost every variety, wind chimes, buddah statues, Crystal and Silver Jewelry, dreamcatchers, Candles, incense, smudging products, essential oils, Tarot, Oracle, and Angels Cards, Pendulums, as well as classic toys for children and adults (including the new adult meditative coloring books).

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Do you love Crystals? Despite being extremely beautiful, crystals have many healing and metaphysical properties that can be felt the moment you pick them up.  Crystals affect the human body by virtue of their vibration the same way any one thing affects any other thing. The human body is crystalline in nature and that is why crystals and humans connect so deeply.
Crystals store energy. They hold negative energy or positive energy and also carry a personal energy related both to the individual crystal and to the kind of crystal it is. A smoky quartz crystal, for example, tends to hold negative energy well while a rose quartz would rather impart its sweetness. A smoky quartz naturally draws negativity off a person who is ready to shed that negativity. A rose quartz, conversely, does not wish to hold negative energy but instead prefers to offer a template of energetic sweetness and harmony for humans to tune into.
Humans are designed to carry their own vibration and do not need the assistance of crystals but when a person becomes off kilter, out of harmony with their own Truth, a crystal is a very nice tool (and friendly, too) to assist one in regaining vibrational alignment.  Uplifting Connections carries thousands of crystals of over 300 different crystal and specimen varieties. We would love to share them with you and show you how you can use them to improve your own well-being. Come on by to feel, touch, and enjoy these natural wonders of the world! You’ve got to see our inventory of these natural beauties!