We created this page as a way to help you raise your energetic vibration.  It is our intention that the videos and thoughts on this page will help you feel compassion, peace, happiness, love, appreciation, and joy.  When you feel these, your vibration rises, and you feel good.  Not only that, you help raise the vibration of everyone around you…and the ripple effect goes out to hundreds, even thousands, more. 

So come here when you are looking for an instant “uplifting connection”!

(If you know of any videos, etc. you’d like to submit for possible sharing on this page, please send them to admin@upliftingconnections.com).

Sending you love and more love!

[VIDEO] Christian the Lion

[VIDEO] Lion Hugging Woman

[VIDEO] Talking Twins

[VIDEO] Morning Has Broken

[VIDEO] No Arms. No Legs. No Worries.

[VIDEO] The Beauty of Pollination

[VIDEO] A Little Good News for Your Day

(Bet you can’t watch this one without crying happy tears!)

[VIDEO] Where the Hell Is Matt?

(Wait for it, it builds…there is something about this video that says more than a million words could about how connected we all are.)

[VIDEO] 2012 – A Message of Hope