Ed Langan

Services: Life Wisdom Readings/Sessions
Money Matters Psychic Readings
Workshops: Law of Attraction, What your soul wants you to know, Heal your Money Energy
Description of sessions: Working with Ed is unique and powerful. Ed uses his skills as a psychic/coach to help people by giving them clarity and helping them feel their power.

Not only does Ed channel wisdom for you from the Guides, he is also a certified Master Coach and Mentor, and a law of attraction expert. The combination of his gift and coaching skills does make working with Ed the best of both worlds.

Life Wisdom

Ed’s Guides refer to the guidance they give as LIFE Wisdom: L = Love,
I = Inspiration, F = Faith, E = Empowerment.
Here is what Ed does as a coach:
Ed will teach you techniques and skills to help:
  • How to live life more fully and be happier.
  • How to create with your mind using law of attraction.
  • How to release beliefs that on longer work for you.
  • How to release stress and anxiety.
  • How to clear the past and make room for what you want.
  • How to attract more money and abundance.
  • How to grow your business.
  • How to have a better relationship.
  • How to find your soulmate.
  • How to uncover and live your life purpose.

Money Matters Psychic Readings:

With his guides, Ed will show you how are blocking money from coming into your life, and steps to take to start healing your relationship with money.

  • You will uncover what blocks you have about money.
  • Discover family rules about money that hold you back.
  • Learn techniques to shift your money blocks
  • Become more empowered about money.
In both readings the Guides will help you:
–  Create and manifest whatever you would like into your life experience.
–  Help you uncover and shift all beliefs that aren’t working for you.
–  Help you see things in ways that you hadn’t thought about or realized.
–  Empower you to choose.
–  Help shift your energy and raise your vibration.
– Offer guidance and wisdom from a higher perspective.
– Show you where you’re giving your power away, help you reclaim your power and then make a choice from a place of power.

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