Jon and Kellie’s Journey to Uplifting Connections

Jon and Kellie met in 1991, began dating in 1995 and married in 2003. Kellie has been a pediatric nurse since 1999 and currently works at Children’s Hospital Boston. Her main focus has always been to help children feel better and after taking Reiki in 2008 she discovered how much using it helps calm anxious patients as well as her co-workers. Jon worked in molecular biology for 14 years but knew there was so much more he needed to do! He has a passion for helping others and wanted to do just that!

Jon and Kellie have always dreamed about creating a center where people could come and just feel good. Being business owners they understood the challenges and opportunities for learning and growth. They wanted a broader format to share their holistic approach to all aspects of health and wellness including spirituality. This led to plans to open their own Holistic Wellness Center and the universe led them to Uplifting Connections and in  June of 2015, it became theirs! It was a perfect match and love bringing amazing people together, all for the greater good!

They are continuing their own spiritual journey while balancing the business, 2 children, and 2 dogs!  Kellie continues to work as a nurse. She loves what she does and has the opportunity to do important work and research studies at Children’s. This will continue to advance Reiki and energy healing into mainstream healthcare!

More than anything, they are enjoying creating a space that invites others to find support, healing, guidance, and encouragement along their journey for total well-being of mind, body and soul!


We continue to follow the vision of the Founder:

Uplifting Connections– a place where people can find books, tools, gifts, healing arts, and events and workshops that will help people on their journey.

We strive to offer resources that can help customers wherever they are on their journey.  If they are grieving or in pain, we offer resources that bring care and comfort.  If they are overwhelmed and stressed, we offer resources that bring peace and balance.  If they are looking for more in their lives – more connection, more happiness, more joy, we offer resources for inspiration.

When we at Uplifting help raise one person’s vibration, the ripple effect changes hundreds more. From our little corner of the world – as is true from every corner of the world — we can uplift the world – one book, one gift, one workshop, one reading, one massage, one conversation, and one smile at a time.

Ellie Bassick-Trovato, Founder