Jon and Kellie’s Journey to Uplifting Connections

Jon and Kellie met in 1991, began dating in 1995 and married in 2003. Kellie has been a pediatric nurse since 1999 and currently works at Children’s Hospital Boston. Her main focus has always been to help children feel better and after taking Reiki in 2008 she discovered how much using it helps calm anxious patients as well as her co-workers. Jon worked in molecular biology for 14 years and during that time developed health problems that made him decide to focus more energy on taking care of himself. His path to well-being and the positive changes he experienced drove him to find a way to share that success with others. After some consideration on how to best do this, an opportunity to purchase Get in Shape for Women in Abington, MA came about in 2012.

Being business owners brought it’s own challenges and opportunities for learning and growth. They soon discovered the need for a broader format to share their holistic approach to all aspects of health and wellness including spirituality. This led to plans to open their own Center for the care and nurturing of the mind, body and soul. After speaking with the previous owner of Uplifting Connections about their interest in opening their own space, she told them she was willing to sell and in June of 2015 Uplifting Connections became theirs!

They are continuing on their on journey to achieve balance with two businesses, 2 children, 2 dogs and Kellie’s full-time nursing job! They are enjoying creating a space that invites others to find support and encouragement along their journey for total well-being of mind, body and soul!