Joanne Collins

* Psychic Medium Investigator –  as a psychic medium with her remote viewing gift, she has been working for years with families, law enforcement and private investigators on missing persons, cold and active cases as an added investigative tool.
* Spirit Guided Oracle/Angelic Card Readings –  an ancient way to intuitively connect to your guides and angels. 
* Intuitive Readings – each unique spiritually guided reading is on an individual’s energy, providing information about your soul’s journey and clarity of life purpose. 
* Mediumship – she is the bridge of communication to your friends and loved ones who have passed on.   
* Paranormal Consults – as a psychic medium and seasoned paranormal investigator/ family member of TAPS,  she can advise you on paranormal activity that you may be experiencing personally, in your home or if you are investigating someone else’s home.  Protection for yourself and property, Clearings, Modalities.
* Personalized Session – This session is all about you.  You can discuss any or all topics.  Are you having Dreams that you can’t shake? She can interpret those messages for you.  Hearing or seeing things? don’t understand it? how to control it? or what to do with it?…    She can help you!!   Let’s talk…
* Chakra Clearing Healing Session – Our spiritual organs need to be kept clear, charged, balanced and grounded.  Learn how to recognize when they are not, why and techniques to regain them back to health.  
*  Medical Intuitive Reading (MIR) – as a psychic medium she intuitively receives information about your physical body, emotional and spiritual state. 
* Animal Communication -If you are wondering what your family member is thinking or how they are feeling medically, she can be that bridge of communication.  Animal Spirit Guides.

Joanne is a Psychic Medium Investigator offering her professional services to you, families, friends, law enforcement and private investigators for missing persons, cold/active cases, intuitive readings, paranormal consults (a TAPS family member) and personal development.  Joanne has been given a gift to assist both the living and the dead.  She can remote view, hear and feel both the dead and the living.  She is the bridge of communication.  Receiving messages through her spirit guides and angels to pass on to you about your life journey, soul purpose or a loved one that has passed on.   Spirits who once walked this earth need help. The victims who have passed on, she is their voice to tell their story, find answers, peace, closure, justice, cross spirits over and put souls to rest.  Receiving information through dreams since she was a child, feeling energy in rooms, seeing spirits, receiving flashes of pictures and information.  She had no idea what was happening.  Until later in life she learned that this was a gift…  

Missing Persons/ Unsolved and Active Cases:

For several years, as a Psychic Medium she has been an additional investigative tool for families, private investigators and  local law enforcement.  With her special gift of remote viewing she is able to describe and profile people, sees through their eyes, sees what they see, property, landmarks… This gift has been exceptionally helpful with missing persons cases and criminal cases.
The first 24 to 48 hours that a crime has been committed or a person has gone missing is very crucial.  She does not guarantee the safe return of a person or solving a case.  She is an added resource and investigative tool.  If you have suspicions if you were on the right track or suspect a certain person or activity she may be able to answer those questions for you or direct you in the right direction.


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