Services: Psychic Tarot Readings

Bio:  Andrea has been reading the Tarot from the age of ten. Having had experiences from even earlier, her senses run high in sound (clairauditory), premonitions (clairvoyant), and scent (clairscentient). Described by clients as “very factual”; her job history has been quite literally from “hands on” experience. “No matter what job I’ve carried the ‘antenna’ has always been on”, says Andrea. Whether in private or group settings readings are for her a “language”.

What can a reading do?
Readings are an individual experience that can help in anything from relationship issues, stress levels, to closure with passed loved ones. Although every reading is different, it is not uncommon for information from loved ones who have passed over to come through . The experience of a reading can help people cope, get answers to tough questions and gain a higher level of understanding of themselves. It helps them in dealing with a chaotic world. What I frequently hear from clients is that they are able to take a deep breath and say they “plain old” feel better.

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I really liked Lisa right from the start. Her fun loving/sweet attitude instantly puts you at ease, her approach is very professional, and she is very well learned in her approach to Reiki. I wasn’t sure what to expect with my session with Lisa, but she helped me tremendously with some self-care issues I was having. At the very beginning I felt a deep sense of relaxation coming from her hands. Like a warm wave of energy flowing through her. I was having some pretty serious issues with my back and my ankle which she picked on right away. A day later I can say they feel much better than earlier. I left my session with Lisa feeling refreshed, Relaxed, and at peace. Book an appointment with her today!

Dennis L.

Lisa Brazil-Pomar is an amazing woman with a beautiful gift. I have truly been blessed to have met her through Story Time Reiki at Uplifting Connections. The setting is so peaceful and the meditations are geared towards children and still extremely appropriate for adults to connect with as well. The first time Lisa practiced reiki on me I felt an inner peace and calmness that is unexplainable through words. She is so down to earth that nothing ever felt uncomfortable and I felt safe to discuss any issues I was facing. Thank you Lisa from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with these experiences.

Love, Kim xoxo

I thoroughly enjoyed my session of Reiki with Lisa.  Actually I thoroughly benefited from the Reiki. During the session I felt completely safe, relaxed and peaceful. It afforded me the opportunity to just “stop”.  The rest of the day I felt very grounded and calm all evening, like nothing was going to rattle me. I will be back for more of that wonderful feeling………..

Cindy H

Clara was great at helping me get out of my head and start taking chances on what feels right for my career and life! This was my first experience working with a coach and it was also the best timing. I decided to apply for a graduate fellowship program and she helped me organize my thoughts, become clear about my reasons for applying, set a timeline, and encouraged me along the way. She was very easy to talk to and is flexible to speak about what is important for her client at the time of the session. She provided great racaps and resources to follow up with at the end of our sessions. She has a gift at bringing out the best in people and is extremely passionate about her work.


“I left this session literally feeling like a weight was lifted off of me. It’s comforting to know that I have the guidance of angels and my higher self. This session changed my energy and my outlook on life.”


“In these sessions, I truly learned what it meant to not abandon myself. To be able to not just deal but feel my emotions and sensations as a part of being human changed my response to stress. The tools and techniques are invaluable.”- Emily P.

“What I love about my sessions with Jewels is the support and guidance I get while I learn to become aware of my old stories and change my perspectives. I was able tochange my life in a profound way”. – Jeanne P.

I have been in the Health care field since 1998 and moved to the USA in 2000. I have known Carol Benton professionally for 15 years. Through this rime have built a trusting wonderful connection with her. Carol and I have worked together, referred one another and shared resources in support of our clients. I have had the privilege of watching her grow into an amazing teacher and hands on practitioner over these years. Her compassion is unbridled, she is always considerate and constantly learning about her field. It is a pleasure to recommend her. She is excellent at her craft.
Shelley Hines, Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner

Having taken an Infant Massage class with Carol Benton was so empowering. It gave me the confidence as a new mom that I could help my baby to relax when he was fussy and to help relieve his discomfort from painful colic, I highly recommend parents learn infant massage. It has helped me and my baby to enjoy our time together communicating through loving nurturing touch.
Jean D., Middleboro MA

Carol is a very caring, attentive, and highly skilled Massage Therapist and Holistic Practitioner. Her gentle spirit and nurturing nature seeps into every session. Her wisdom and insight provide her with intuition to support clients in very personalized ways that promote growth,
Brunnie Getchel,  Clinical Hypnotherapist at Wellness Therapy

There’s so much to write about how you’ve affected my life in such a short time.

Just listening to your voice (on the phone) brings me right back to the retreat. I’m so thankful to you (and Meghan) that I did go to the retreat. It’s amazing how much things changed in my life has just because of that one weekend; thank you very much!
Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing an awesome job! Your workshops were inspiring, educational and I’ve been able to apply the things I learned right away!
It’s just amazing how people like you just come to help others from your own experience, so I just really want to say thanks; everything was perfect! The whole event to me was more than satisfactory and I’m sure to other people too. I am so looking forward to the retreat in the spring and to see what you have going on. Just keep it up, the good positive job; you worked so hard to get us all on the path.”

Rafaela Inferrera, Retreat participant*

Ann is a gifted wellness professional with an energy and presence that is unmistakable in a crowd. Simply through her presence she soothes and makes differences in those around her. She is a capable, knowledgable and professional. Her content strengths as I have experienced include life balance, wellness, spirituality and nutrition. I highly recommend Ann for her coaching, counseling, and program building skills and for those seeking improved qualities of life and wellness.”

Keith Kosierowski M.Ed.
President Kosierowski Education Group